About Us

Quality Consultation for Project Management is Information Technology Company specialized in lean manufacturing and continuous improvement. We have proven track record in successful Oracle, SAP and Salesforce implementation.

We based in West Palm Beach, Florida USA with positive involvement in our community.

Our professional reputation ensures service levels are based on a proven ability to anticipate, negotiate and successfully resolve problems. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver results. Ultimately, it is our clients who decide; they choose QC Corp time and time again for their projects, large and small. 

Contact us today to discuss your vision, meet our team, or get a quote. We look forward to working with you to deliver on your goals and sustain them– efficiently, cost-effectively, and often ahead of schedule.

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Our Team

  1. Patricia Glen - Project Manager
  2. Larry Schneider - DBA
  3. Carol Phillips - Project Manager
  4. Charles Morgan - Developer
  5. Jennifer Fields - Marketing
  6. Samantha Smith - Controller